Storyboard Layout.jpg

How to Make a Picture Book

The best way to create a story book is to start with a story board.  This is a layout of the pages you will have in your book.  The classic structure of a story book has 32 pages.  This is an example of the structure you want to have.  This is based on a plot structure of the trial and fail method, mostly seen in picture books.

Page 1: Half page for your TITLE.

Pages 2-3. Full Title page.

Page 4. Dedication

Page 5. The story starts.  This is where the reader meets your main character.  The scene, or place where the story is told, is shown.  The problem with the main character is given.

Pages 6-7 The main character tries to figure out how to solve the problem.

Pages 8-9 the first attempt to solve the problem fails.

Pages 10-25 the main character has a series of try and fail attempts at solving their problem.  By this point they have lost all hope of ever finding a way for the problem to be solved.

Pages 26-27 the main character comes up with a new way to solve the problem.

Pages 28-29 the problem is solved!

Pages 30-32 you end the story, hopefully with a twist or a surprise.

This is an example of a storyboard. I did a very rough sketch of the events that happen in the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This will help you see how the story can be told with pictures.